Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tires for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

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A slick radial tire for compactors, C1.

  • Excellent finishing

  • Reduction in machine downtime.

  • Reduction in operating cost

Stress resistance Longevity Speed capacity (km/h)
3/5 4/5 3/5

  • Even contact pressure throughout the contact area because of the radial construction.
  • No traces left because of the smooth tread pattern and rounded shoulders.
  • The specialized design of the crown gives an excellent resistance to heat emitted from the coatings being rolled.
  • Robust tread and shoulders give more resistance to cuts and perforations.
  • Michelin radial structure improves tire life.
  • Wear indicators in the tire tread facilitate tread wear assessement.
Available sizes Tread TRA Code Tubeless Resistance rating Tread depth
32nds mm
7.50 R 15 MICHELIN XLC C1 TT 11 9
E20 Pilote (13/80 R 20) MICHELIN XLC C1 TT 15 12
15.00 R 24 Pilote MICHELIN XLC C1 TT 26 21
Earthmover technical data
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