Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

Accredited repairers

Expert repairs for earthmover tyres 

The conditions of use in sites can often generate stresses and strains on tyres, and sometimes even severe damage, which can frequently be repaired in the correct conditions.
Earthmover tyres should always be repaired by recognised specialists; they are entirely responsible for the quality of the repairs they make and the longevity of repaired tyres depends on the quality of these repairs.

This is why MICHELIN have developed a network of accredited repairers in the UK as well as a number of other countries globally. In the UK Accreditation is granted jointly by Michelin and Rema Tip Top, a leading manufacturer of repair products. Repairers are annually checked during an audit which focuses on workshop equipment, the professionalism of the repairers, the use of suitable products and the technical quality of the repairs done.

The UK network contains three repairers:
KAL TIRE, Alfreton
Earthmover Tyres, Wakefield
Redpath Tyres, Duns

Accredited repairers

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