Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.


Productivity, safety, environmental protection – your priorities are the same as ours

High quality tyres

High Quality Tyres

Technological leadership, quality products and services, operational efficiency, industrial strength – these are the solid assets which enable Michelin to give our customers the best service.

With 6000 people involved on three continents, an annual Industrialisation Research and Development (RDI) budget of almost 600 million euros and a portfolio of more than 2000 families of patents, Michelin has innovative strength without equal in the tyre field.

Michelin is also one of the world’s key players in the tyre industry. Setting out over a century ago to open up the major markets, we have the benefit of exceptional geographical coverage and are speeding up our deployment in emerging countries.
 For the Earthmover segment, there are now seven industrial sites dedicated to the manufacture of Earthmover and Industrial Truck tyres which will help you to increase your productivity. We have doubled our Earthmover tyre production capacity in 6 years and we anticipate investing 1.5 thousand million euros over the next five years.

Do better with less

From the choice of raw materials to the recovery of tyre products at the end of service life, all our products are designed with a constant concern for safeguarding the environment at every stage in their life cycle.
Architecture, design, choice of materials -, we take account of the environmental objectives right from the tyre design stage.
Our production processes are also thought out and standardised so as to use less energy and reduce the consumption of materials, for example, by making Earthmover tyres 5 to 10% lighter than our competitors.
Studies have shown that it’s when the tyre is in use that its impact on the environment is greatest. In the Earthmover field, we therefore get directly involved with our customers and use all of our experience and expertise to reduce the part the tyres play in their carbon footprint. 

Safety at the heart of our concerns

Safety at the heart of our concerns

Safety is in the Michelin Group’s genes, firstly through the quality of our products which are designed to deliver maximum safety.
Secondly, more specifically for the Earthmover field, our products are tested all year round in real working conditions on our test site, the only one of its kind in the world, at Almeria in Spain.
Many of our technological innovations are focused on improving safety. Finally, we have the benefit of the best experts in tyre use including safety in the field. We are therefore able to offer you an ever-increasing range of services, which makes its own contribution to your increased safety.