Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tires for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals

MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals in Europe

You want the best for your Earthmover tires, and so does Michelin. We identify the best professional dealers in this sector, the experts capable of guaranteeing constant, high-quality, professional service on the customer’s site, complying with the safety and environmental methods suggested by Michelin. These are the MICHELIN Earthmover Professionals who are able to offer you the most advanced tailor-made solutions throughout the world.

The Program Launch

Michelin is currently launching the MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals program in 13 countries in Western Europe.
This program is justified by audits carried out by people in real Earthmover tire-fitting and removal situations.

The Four Commitments of MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals


MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals distributors are trained and recognized for their expertise in the Earthmover tire field so as to meet your expectations:

  • Their technicians are audited regularly on site by an independent people
  • Their skills are kept up to date by regular training programs
  • They give you their best advice to optimize your tire performance
MICHELIN Earthmover Professionals


MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals' distributors offer quality products suited to your operations and exclusive services to enable you to grow your productivity:

  • They do their work on your sites with suitable equipment dedicated to Earthmover tires
  • They offer a repair service and a replacement solution for your Earthmover tires


MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals' distributors comply with your safety and environmental instructions:

  • Their technicians are given training in your environmental and safety prevention plans;
  • They deal with scrap Earthmover tires in line with the environmental rules and standards in place.


MICHELIN® Earthmover Professionals' distributors arebeside you through the whole process, ready to go into action:

  • They take charge of tire monitoring and maintenance on site
  • Their mobile teams are available at all times to assist you, whatever your need
  • They will develop customized solutions at your request
MICHELIN Earthmover Professionals (ENG)
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