Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

The technology of MICHELIN radial tyres

Why will the radial solution save you money?

A unique structure

The MICHELIN radial tyre combines metal (or fabric plies), extending radially from one bead to the other (the casing) with a belt made up of several steel plies designed to reinforce the crown of the tyre.

Sidewall and crown operate independently:

  • minimising the deformation of the contact patch;
  • improving grip and traction whilst slowing down the rate of wear;
  •  improves load carrying capacity thanks to its steel casing which can withstand higher inflation pressures.

The flexibility of the radial tyre’s sidewalls also offers greater comfort without compromising stability and with greater resistance to stresses, strains and accidental damage.

The metallic structure of the tyre’s casing plies gives greater resistance to stresses and strains than the textile plies of crossply tyres.

Reduced cost of use

The radial casing allows more uniform contact with the ground, meaning that tread wear is more regular. This technology, allied to a high quality rubber compound, improves the tyre’s life expectancy in terms of wear by up to 100% compared to crossply construction. Finally, the radial tyre gives proven fuel savings! Less unnecessary tyre deformation saves energy.
 For example, on a loader, with the MICHELIN radial tyre, you save between 6% and 11% of fuel per tonne loaded on average depending on the conditions of use in comparison with a machine fitted with bias tyres. 


Tyre performance which transforms machine performance.

MICHELIN radial technology makes Earthmover machines much more productive.

The radial tyre provides the best balance of performance: load, speed, operational effectiveness of machines, tyre life, operator safety…

The flexibility of the radial tyre’s sidewalls gives a more comfortable ride. The radial tyre also gives better traction capacity and grip, and consequently, better steering and better transmission of motive force.

Discover the radial advantages for your loaders: