Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.


Michelin have a long history linked to innovation, always directed towards the search for solutions by creating value for our customers. Michelin Earthmover tyres are part of this history.

  • 1953

      First radial Industrial tyre

  • 1959

      First radial Earthmover tyre

  • 1966

      Opening of the Vitoria factory in Spain

  • 1970

      Opening of the Montceau-Les-Mines factory in France

  • 1971

      Launch of the MICHELIN XKD1 range: the first range offering a choice of rubber compounds to suit the conditions of use

  • 1973

      Test centre at Almeria, Spain: Opening of the first and only testing centre in the world entirely dedicated to Earthmover tyres

  • 1977

      Opening of the Puy en Velay factory, France

  • 1980

      All Earthmover tyres are radial

    Opening of the Waterville factory in Canada

  • 1988

      Broadening of our offer to meet market needs

  • 1992

      First 57 inch tyre for loaders -55/80R57 MICHELIN XMINE D2

    55/80R57 XMINE D2
  • 1998

      Opening of the Lexington factory in the United States

    First low profile tyre to increase the speed capacities of very large dumpers

  • 2000

      A revolutionary tyre for rigid dumpers, increasing life expectancy by 20%, the MICHELIN XDR

  • 2001

      The biggest tyre in the world: 59/80 R 63 MICHELIN XDR

    59/80 R 63 XDR
  • 2007

      Opening of the Campo Grande factory, Brazil

      Launch of MEMS (MICHELIN Earthmover Management System), the first electronic monitoring system for Earthmover tyres

    MICHELIN Earthmover Management System
  • 2009

      New tyre selling concept: TK (Tonnes/Kilometres)

    Concept TK
  • 2011

      Launch of the new MICHELIN XDR2, the new reference for rigid dumpers

  • 2012

      The “B2 technology”, a particularly sturdy bead wire, is developed for the MICHELIN XMINE D2


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