Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

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The versatile, all-terrain MICHELIN radial tyre designed to provide exceptional traction on soft, muddy ground conditions and deliver solid performance in high-speed applications.

  • Exceptional traction

  • High-speed capabilities

  • Extra protection and durability 

Road use Speed capacity (km/h) Traction
1/5 2/5 5/5

The open, self-cleaning directional tread design provides excellent traction and maneuverability in muddy, soft ground conditions.

Special compounds and sidewall flexibility make the MICHELIN XLB a great choice for on- and off-road applications.

All steel cord with multiple steel belts provides extra protection.

Available sizes Tread TRA Code Tubeless Resistance rating Tread depth
32nds mm
525/80 R 25 MICHELIN XLB 179 E TL 30 24
445/80 R 25 MICHELIN XLB 170 E TL 33 26
23.5 R 25 (605/80 R 25) MICHELIN XLB 188 E TL 34 27
445/95 R 25 MICHELIN XLB 177 E TL 36 29
26.5 R 25 (625/80 R 25) MICHELIN XLB 195 E TL 38 30
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