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MICHELIN XDR3: the New Mining tire reference is available!


MICHELIN XDR3, Long Lasting Innovations!

The new 40.00 R 57 and 53/80 R 63 MICHELIN XDR3 tires have been designed for rigid dump trucks operating in surface mines.
One of the main challenges facing mine operators today is to reduce the cost per ton by improving operational efficiency, while still ensuring safety for all within the workplace, and thus increasing profitability.
The new MICHELIN XDR3 responds to the needs of mine operators by incorporating three key innovations, which together increase tire life by a minimum of 10 per cent (1)(2) compared to its predecessor, the MICHELIN XDR 2.
Three major innovations:
•    Revolutionary new tread pattern
•    4 innovative rubber compounds
•    Corrosion isolating cables

1.    Compared to MICHELIN XDR 2, all sizes, average performance by mine site. Projected improvement in tire life based on field performance in customer mine sites over 29 months of the MICHELIN XDR 2, MICHELIN XDR 250 and MICHELIN XP 57, 40.00 R 57 and 53/80 R 63, tires that included individual design improvements incorporated into the MICHELIN XDR 3.  
2.    Without any compromise on TKPH/TMPH.

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