Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.


Innovation to take you beyond your limits 

Technological innovation

Innovation for the benefit of customers has been the driving force behind Michelin development since its creation and a powerful way of marking us out from the rest. As the people behind major technological breakthroughs such as the radial tyre and the low energy consumption tyre, the Group rely first and foremost on the technological advance of our products and services to satisfy the real needs of our customers.
In a technological tyre market such as Earthmover, Michelin have chosen the path of rapid and continual innovation to respond to extreme and very variable conditions.
In the Earthmover field, Michelin have structured their research and development efforts in three directions:

  • Ever-increasing speed of development of new ranges;
  • The improvement of key aspects of performance;
  • Breakthrough innovations looking for radically new solutions, in partnership with machine manufacturers. 
Technological innovation

Innovation in service

We sell more than just tyres in the Earthmover sector. To optimise the performance of your tyres, we place a whole raft of services at your disposal. 
They all have the same objective: to make sure that you are able to use every bit of the performance potential of these hi-tech Michelin tyres every single day.
Analysis of running conditions on sites, analysis of the real tyre operating conditions, real-time adaptation of transport cycles according to tyre temperature, tyre checks and maintenance during their service life, management of tyres, dealing with tyres at the end of their working lives … these are all examples of services offered throughout the world by Michelin and their partners to the operators in the Earthmover community.


Partner to Plant Manufacturers

Michelin work in close collaboration with Earthmoving machine manufacturers to design the best balance between tyre and machine in terms of performance. The needs of our machine manufacturer partners grow greater every day, particularly in terms of speed and load capacity. This is why we are working closely with them to meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s requirements.