Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

Recycling management

The end of the tyre’s life

Management of tyres at the end of their lives is a real issue for society and is becoming increasingly regulated. Worn tyres are now recovered in large quantities and in some countries, entirely and can be used for second-hand tyres, retreads, reclaimed materials or burned for energy production. Depending on the sizes, it may be possible for Car and Truck tyre recycling facilities to process Earthmover tyres as well. 

Worn tyre recovery 

Wherever they can, Michelin support the establishment of organisations giving tyre manufacturers responsibility for the development and management of recycling facilities for worn tyres. 
Throughout the world, numerous industries have elected to use worn tyres as an alternative fuel source in furnaces in power stations, industrial boilers, incinerators, cement works, etc.  In the USA, more than 150 million tyres have been processed and used in the form of energy over the past 10 years.

Worn tyres can also be used in numerous material applications. When constructing holding tanks, embankments or sound-proofing walls, they are raw materials with a number of advantages. Finally, they are to be found in road construction, to improve elasticity.