Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tyres for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

Introducing the MICHELIN X-CRANE + tyre


This tyre is the partner that ensures success on large-scale worksites -

Because they are used both on and off road while carrying heavy loads, mobile cranes must be adaptable to different conditions of use.

Alongside the already available 525/80 R25 and 445/95 R25 sizes, the MICHELIN X-CRANE + lineup has added a new size tyre: the 385/95 R25.  

It accompanies the development of mobile cranes by guaranteeing enhanced safety, more profitability, improved comfort and a greater longevity.

Improved safety. By improving the geometry of the tyre/rim contact area (1), mounting and dismounting tyres is safer and faster, leading also to operating gains.

Greater productivity. Thanks to a new rubber compound in the tread, the MICHELIN X-CRANE + lasts up to 20% longer (2).

Greater comfort. The MICHELIN X-CRANE + generates fewer vibrations thanks to a more rigid tread compound that wears more evenly.

Enhanced environmental performance. Because it is longer lasting and can be regrooved, the new MICHELIN X-CRANE + guarantees longer service life while requiring fewer raw materials in its manufacture.

(1) In sizes 445/95 R25 and 525/80 R25.
(2) Michelin in-house test, compared with same size MICHELIN X-CRANE and MICHELIN XGC tyres.

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