Michelin Earthmover offers earthmover tires for all types of machines: surface mining, underground mining, quarries and construction, industrial handling and port.

Discover the new tire MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2

Discover the new tire MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2

Faster. Safer. 30% more productivity with MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2.

Michelin's constant commitment to enhancing mobility has led the Group to offer new tire solutions for port equipment operators in order to optimize their performance: the MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2 range.

The MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2 provides improvements in five areas that help to increase productivity.

  • Enhanced safety. Thanks its more protective sidewalls, associated with a new bead region design as well as an improved grip, handling and stability.
  • Improved productivity. Compared with the previous-generation MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE, this new tire offers a 17% increase in top speed (from 30 to 35 km/h) and a 25% increase in per-hour distance (from 12 to 15 km). At the same time, the new tire’s load capacity offers a 7% increase from 14 to 15 tonnes per tire. The combined impact of these improvements increases the theorical productivity of the new MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2 by more than 30% 1.
  • Increased longevity by up to 15% thanks to its new tread pattern and casing, its innovative new dual-compound tread and an optimized cooling system on both the tread and the shoulders.
  • Greater operator comfort. The new tread wears more regularly while also reducing vibrations thus improving driver comfort.
  • Enhanced environmental performance. The new MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2 is produced in ISO 14001-certified plants, which have seen their environmental impact reduced by 16% since 2005. In addition, the new MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2 uses fewer raw materials while delivering improved operating performance.

MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2, a tire that's not afraid to confront the hardness of port activities!

1 These conditions are dependent of site and conditions of use.

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